Mobile application games have been a hit for a long time now. Adults and children both enjoy playing mobile games using their smartphones as they can carry them anywhere and they can play them anytime they want. They can play them during their office break or the high schoolers can play them as they wait for their parents to pick them up from extra classes. Besides having this as a hobby, some play these games to relieve their stress as the games could be very graphic-pleasing and working to level up is a great way to forget about their problems. Moreover, there are many genres you can choose for your games such as shooting, horror, adventure and even cooking. You can even play some of the games offline if you happen to be somewhere with no Internet connection. 

Let’s move forward to the top 3 mobile application games you should download on your smartphones.

Whispering Corridors 2

This is a horror and action game where you run, jump, evade and slide as you go through the scary corridors in the game. The higher the level gets, the faster the game gets and more corridors you get to explore. Most of the missions are super interesting besides the usual like running up to designated distance or getting through what level before you can proceed to the next part. Another interesting part is that you have to unlock new chapters of the plot which revolves around Jia, a high school girl that makes a new friend named Lucy. However, Lucy died after falling from the school’s balcony and going through a hard time from her bullies to a scandal. Strange things keep happening to Jia after that incident as Lucy’s soul has not rested in peace. Do you know that the game has a short promo movie to promote them? It makes the game more thrilling as you play more in order to reach the ending of the story.

Manor Matters

If you love playing hidden games where you have to find hidden items in the designated time, then Manor Matters should be downloaded in your smartphone. It is a game where you can level up while also moving on with the plot. In the story, you are the granddaughter of a famous traveler who decided to give you the manor to handle. The fun part is that you can have new furniture or choose which design you want for your manor’s interior design after each mission.

Music Tiles

Another game you should have in your phone is Music Tiles. There are many versions of this game where you can choose. The versions focus on different types of songs like anime, pop or kpop songs. In this game, you have to press the tiles along with the beat of the music and you lose if you fail to. Sounds easy, right? But sometimes there could be challenging parts where the beat goes super fast and you have to complete them to gain stars and rewards.

Last Words

All in all, there are many games out there you should download into your smartphone. Who knows, you can be stranded somewhere and these games could help you kill time if you can’t access your favorite online gambling site like malaysia online casino.