So, do you have an upcoming date and you are worried that you might bore him thus, you are looking for tips? Well, if you like your date so much, it is just right that you should make some preparations so he will never forget you and will ask you again. 

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So, how can you make your date think you are an exciting person? Check this out:

  • Be yourself

This is the first and most important tip this article can share with you. What is the use of being exciting if you are just trying to fake yourself? Are you going to do the same thing the next time he will ask you out? Will that make you happy? If you will pretend as someone you’re not in, in time the guy will still find out and trust me, you will not like the result as for sure, he will feel betrayed. 

  • Don’t try too hard

Yes, it is okay to wish your date will find you interesting. However, if you need to try that hard to do that, I think it is just futile and it might not be worth it. Besides, your date might feel awkward if you will try hard to please him and in the end, he might just lose interest. So, all you need to do when someone will ask you for a date is to have fun. 

  • Don’t sit face to face

Sometimes, if you are sitting across your date for the first time, you might feel like he is scrutinizing you and end up feeling awkward. Thus, if you are not comfortable that way, you should just sit beside him. Just be yourself and relax. Just assume that maybe, he is nervous as well. After all, he is the one asking you for a date and that means, he likes you first. 

  • Take rejection lightly

If by chance your date won’t call you again, you should not make a fuss out of it as maybe, he is really not the one for you as you don’t click. It is not something you can feel insecure about as even the most beautiful person can also be rejected. Sometimes, it is not because you are not pretty or you are not interesting enough. Sometimes, it is simply because the other party is not comfortable with you. 

Yes, first dates can be pretty exciting and at the same time, scary. You might attempt to fake yourself just to please the other party, but such should not be the case. You should also try to enjoy the process and if it will not prosper, always remember that it takes two to tango.