We will return to the apartment in detail later, for now, we only tell you that you must inquire about the existence of any resolutions approving extraordinary expenses, such as the renovation of the facade or other common parts of the building. Find out about the expense that would eventually be incurred on you if you became the owner of the house such as selayang property for rent.

Any extraordinary condominium expenses

Once you have calculated the amount you need, make sure you have it available. If this is not the case, you should contact a bank. Consider that to get a mortgage you must have sufficient income to cover the installment. Then make a calculation of the monthly sum that, realistically, you could commit to allocate it to the payment of installments for the selayang apartment.

What to observe when visiting the house

Some tips for buying a house concern when you go to visit it, with the seller or with the real estate agent. On this occasion you must pay attention to a series of very important details, to be taken into consideration to understand if it is worth buying it.

Here’s what it is:

If you are not familiar with the neighborhood where the property such as a selayang apartment for rent is located, take more than one walk around and observe all the details. Is it populated or quiet? Are there any offices? Where are the pharmacy, banks, grocery stores, public transport stops compared to the house you want to buy? He returns to visit the area at different times of the day and especially in the evening: sometimes a neighborhood that appears quiet and busy during working hours at dusk becomes deserted and unsafe. Also talk to some merchants who have their shop nearby;

if the house is in an apartment building , pay attention to the building. Check that the prospectus and the common parts, especially the stairs and the lift, are neat or at least dignified. A dirty lift full of writings reveals condominiums who are not polite and inattentive to decorum. In this case it is better to stay away.

Observe what the windows and balconies of your possible future neighbors reveal. Do you notice the presence of grates or anti-theft system? If so, where are they located? If they are installed on the lower floors it is no wonder, it is a normal precaution. This is not the case, however, if these protective devices are located on the upper floors: they are an indication that thefts have occurred in the building. For more articles similar to this one, click here.