With the existence of major sports events such as FIFA, Super bowl and NBA, many sports enthusiasts seek more thrill when they are watching their favorite teams being played on the field. This has led to some sports fans to turn to participating in illegal betting activities behind the scenes of the events. Sports betting is considered illegal in many countries especially in Islamic countries where Muslims offenders will suffer heavy consequences of the Sharia law which discourages Muslims from gambling as the teaching of Quran restricts Muslims from participating in any gambling activities. However, some countries like China, Canada, Australia and United Kingdoms legalized sports betting under heavy surveillance and supervision of the authorities to ensure they are operating in a legal matter and are abiding by the code of conduct. 

With the rise in popularity for video games, it has provided an opportunity for gamers to participate in esports tournaments to encourage others to become better while garnering the attention of the public media. It got so much attention that it was able to become a sport to be featured in the Olympics in 2024. However, it suffers the same situation as its physical counterparts as esports are now becoming more frequent on the internet. But, esports may attract more sports bettors to bet on esports events as esports are appealing towards younger audiences who have easy access to the internet. Esports betting in Malaysia may be considered illegal, but it is not consistent as the law that was published in the late 1900s is not up-to-date with our modern society. Despite police forces making an effort to raid betting houses and arresting brokers, the law does not necessarily arrest brokers who are hosting online betting sites as it can’t determine if the website is illegal or not. 

As COVID-19 strikes all over the world leaving people to stay in their house, sports events are forced to cancel disappointing sports fans all around the world. However, esports is hardly affected by it. Because the tournament can be held online, it has more flexibility to hold tournaments without having esports fans to expose themselves and are able to host the tournament online through streaming applications or social media applications that enable live streaming such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitch. Because of that, online bettors are attracted by its flexibility and availability which enables them to bet through online betting websites This could also enable businessmen who are working from home or were let go by their companies to become bettors themselves to earn income during lockdown.
With that being said, online betting can be extremely dangerous depending on the crowd you are mixed with. But if you wish to indulge into the world of online betting, make sure you are in a country where online betting is not restricted and you are not a Muslim. With esports becoming more prominent in the industry, more bettors will flock towards it and will soon have an influence in the esports environment and may negatively affect its popularity in the future.

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