If we make other types of comparisons with common internet providers, this signal requires less installation equipment. For this reason, the risks that the network itself suffers damage due to adverse weather conditions and other types of emergencies are reduced, that is, the service does not tend to fail frequently and if this happens, it can be restored quickly and easily.

Apply Time Internet Malaysia

With this type of service it is possible to give remote areas the opportunity to develop their skills through the Internet, such as imparting or receiving distance education, being attended by a doctor or any other specialist online or, simply, those who live in rural areas can check their email and any other information through the Internet.

It thus becomes an opportunity for more people to carry out their activities in a simple way and adapted to the new times, without having to renounce the lifestyle they lead in spaces or rural and rural areas.

There are those who think that this type of service is expensive, but when comparing the advantages of having internet access in these remote areas, just as people who are in urban areas do, we can realize that it is a service with good connectivity performance, which is well worth the investment, which is very similar to that found in cities.

On the other hand, you must bear in mind that if you live in a rural area and want to pay a terrestrial internet service company, you will have to make a large investment to develop more complex works, and thus, get this type of connection to the area. While with a rural satellite internet connection you will save all those hassles and you will be able to obtain a good quality service. It is a great possibility for those who have been waiting for a connectivity option in the area where they live.

Fiber, mobile and fixed telephony services
In addition to all the above, they have attractive promotional packages, which include fiber and mobile with 20 gigs of mobile data and unlimited calls. They offer 100 Mb fiber + fixed + mobile or 600 Mb fiber, likewise, with 20 gigs of mobile data and unlimited calls.