Is your moving day too close already and thus you are looking for suggestions as you seem to be too stressed already? Where are you headed? Have you bought a new house in Subang Jaya or maybe in Johor Bahru? If you did, good for you as such places are known to be commendable when it comes to opportunities. This is even why more and more ex-pats are attracted to settle in the mentioned areas. 

How should lessen the stress on your moving day? I say lessen as moving is really stressful. No one can deny that and saying that there is a way for it to be totally stress-free is just sugar coating. The following suggestions though might give you some fresh ideas on how to be less stressed on the day you will move. 

  1. Before the big day, you should already know where you are going to put the things you will transport to your new place. This way you can just automatically place them there the moment they arrive. If ever you will hire movers, you can just give them the instructions. 
  2. If by chance, you hire movers to pack your things as well as you are too busy to do it. be sure that you will be there when they pick the things. If even that is almost impossible for you, see to it that there is someone you can trust that can represent you. 
  3. If by chance you will not hire movers because some of your friends and relatives volunteer to help, you can make things easier for them by organizing the things to be moved. At the same time, be sure to prepare something for them at the end of the day just to show your appreciation. 
  4. While you are busy moving your things, you can leave your pets and kids to your relatives’ homes so they cannot get in the way. Trust me, it will be really burdensome if they are also around when everything is still chaotic. 
  5. And the last but definitely not the least is to make sure that there is a space where you can park the truck that will transport your things. This should never be overlooked.

Yes, there is always a way for you to move without having to be too stressed. As long as you prepared early, things should not be as hectic. and your moving day into your new Gombak Condo will be a breezy dream come true.

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