When inspecting an apartment, the main thing is not to rush, to carefully examine the appearance and condition of the apartment, furniture and household appliances. After that, you need to draw up an inventory of the property – either on a special form of the act of acceptance of residential premises, or in free form. Describe the appearance and technical condition of furniture, lighting, household appliances, windows and doors. If something does not work, this also needs to be recorded during the inventory of the property, so that later it would be easier to deal with the owner’s claims. With the condo for rent Dutamas or the purchase options, you can have best deals.

Make a contract

Be sure to sign the lease. It regulates the relationship between the two parties, specifies the subject of the contract, the rights and obligations of each of the parties, as well as the exact address, information about the owner or owners, the terms of the contract. An important point of the contract is payment, its form, size and terms. Plus all the additional costs that may arise during operation: which of the two signatory parties is responsible for what, for example, in the event of force majeure (flooding of your apartment or neighbors).

“If there is no agreement, then the risks increase many times over, since any verbal agreements are instantly broken in the event of any difficult situations,” warns Maria Zhukova.

Pay by bank transfer

It is highly desirable that payments under the contract go by bank transfer, since this is the actual confirmation of payment. But if you pay in cash, you need to take receipts. It is not always convenient; therefore, cashless payments are easier.

Work with a realtor

Work with agents to find and rent an apartment. This will allow you to avoid fraudulent schemes, loss of time from calling non-existent ads, agreeing on a meeting time, preparing documents. With an agent, you can rent an apartment faster and sometimes even cheaper.

It is normal market practice to pay the agency 50% of the monthly rent, pay the landlord a deposit in the amount of one monthly fee and pay for the first month of rent. Conditions other than these must be reasonably justified.

Renting an apartment – what to consider when choosing, what obstacles may lie in wait and what to pay special attention to. We will show you where and how to find an apartment for rent in the article.

Renting an apartment at one time or another is of interest to two-thirds of the population. These are young people who are planning to move out from their parents, and specialists who are moving to another city, and many others. The increased demand is also evidenced by the long-term level of rental real estate throughout Malaysia. 

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