Everybody loves mushrooms. The amount of dishes and delicacy that you can do with mushrooms are abundant on the internet. From easy 10 minutes dishes to lavish meals, mushrooms are truly a versatile piece of ingredient that can be used in a lot of cooking. However the huge variety of mushrooms makes it hard to determine which of them is the best. Here are our top picks on the most flavorful mushroom that you can get in the market or online.

White button mushroom

Let’s start with the most common mushrooms out there, the white button mushroom. Agaricus Bisporus is native to europe and north america and is white in color in their mature state. The taste of the mushroom is not the best on this list but almost 90 percent of the time, we will be eating this variety. The flavor is less intense than others, can be eaten raw and can be used well with soups, salads and on pizzas.

Cremini Mushroom

A darker and flavorful mushroom than the one above, a cremini is a young portobello. 

Also known as crimini mushrooms, it can be used interchangeably with its cousin the white button mushroom. It was not found until 1926, when a mushroom farmer cloned it and began to market it as a new variety in Pennsylvania. These mushrooms are also known as baby bellas for the purpose of capitalizing on the popularity of portobellos.

Portobello Mushroom 

As cremini mature they become portobello mushrooms and are commonly used in italian cooking. The dense and rich flavor of these mushrooms provide tasteful depth into pasta sauces and can make a great substitute to meat. The mushroom’s flat cap can also be used as a bun substitute as mushrooms of this variation are as wild as the palm of your hand, and their toughlike texture can also withstand grilling and stuffing.

Shiitake Mushroom

Shiitake originates from East Asia and is a delicacy that is consumed in a lot of East Asian countries. The name means “oak fungus” in english which describe the location of where it can be found in the wild but today most of them are cultivated. Shiitakes often have earthy and smoky flavor with a meaty texture and contain nutrients that help to remove  cholesterol from the bloodstream. It can also be grown in your home if u buy a mushroom growing kit online and make dishes using homegrown ingredients.


Much like a potato, truffles rise and live underground. It’s a little challenging to locate truffles but you might find them in the forest with some support from a friend. Scratch the truffle off the field and use it for pasta dishes. Only one really tiny piece is enough. You may even purchase upmarket delicatessens truffles, although they are famously expensive.

Mushrooms are not only a delicious ingredient, it is also very nutritious ! Most of them are used as medicine in traditional practices due to its medicinal properties. Can’t find the one you are looking for? There are websites that sell them so you can easily buy mushrooms online hassle free. Choose as many various edible mushroom forms as you can so that you will be able to taste the flavors of each mushroom. Do realize that various methods to prepare mushrooms can often contribute to specific tastes and textures.