We have witnessed some very amazing campaigns over the years. But with social media, we have never been more accessible to these campaigns. Top social marketing services Malaysia and all over the world are taking advantage of the power of social media. And there are some companies and brands who have simply done it right. 

Apple’s Shot on iPhone

We have been living under a rock as if we never saw Apple’s Shot on iPhone campaign on Instagram. Apple’s Instagram chose to have a rather unique social media strategy. They perfectly utilized the power of content with user-generated content. The ideal Instagram social media campaign generated in over more than a million posts from all over the world and spiked in the sales of the phone. The campaign focused on the power of the iPhone camera and this is exactly what visibly differentiates them from the rest of the competition. (That and their sleekness) . In a visualized world where content is king, iPhone remains the popular king of content. By launching this campaign Apple not only increased its sales, but they developed a community. The brand loyalty that was established using this campaign spoke to the wonders of content marketing. A new form of user-centered marketing was born when apple launched this. The world started to realize the power we hold in brand loyalty and prioritizing users in campaigns. 

Spotify #yearwrapped

It is never easy to get millions of organic engagement on a social media platform. But Spotify did it. They truly succeeded in carrying out one of the biggest social media campaigns using the power of the people. People including the biggest influencers and celebrities around the world.  (Without even having to pay them). Talk about the fine task of influencer marketing.

For those who are still in the dark about Spotify’s #yearwrapped campaign, let me enlighten you. Spotify is an audio streaming platform that hosts music and podcasts from thousands of artists. In the year 2017 Spotify successfully launched a campaign that allowed people to relieve their favorite and most played songs from throughout the year. But it was not until 2019, that Spotify allowed this experience and took it to mobile apps and social media. It provided statistics on how many times you listened to the song or to the artists. It also tells you about top genres as well. This created an opportunity for people to share their interests, statistics, and everything directly on social media from their Spotify mobile app.

It was not a surprise that we saw a huge spike in Spotify app downloads. It was also not a surprise to see the campaign resulted in over 1.2 million posts shared within the first month of its launch. Even big influencers participated in this. Celebrities like maroon 5 and Bastille took it to Instagram and Twitter to show their gratitude to their listeners as they shared data from Spotify. 

BuzzFeed’s Tasty

Buzzfeed proved to us that video content is the hailing queen. Buzzfeed released 2 min short recipes that garnered over 2000 recipes and daily content.  The videos were visited by over 500 million people all over the world. Buzzfeed tasty took advantage of people’s short attention space and the need for engaging quality content. The content was educational, visually pleasing, and attractive to watch on a loop. The biggest impact came from the fact that it was only around 120 seconds. Today, as a result of this short but impactful campaign their Buzzfeed tasty team grew and now actively works, making content for us. 

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