3 Sweet and Lighthearted Manga That Will Warm Your Heart

So – how do I put this lightly? The world kind of sucks right now.

It’s no exaggeration to say that we’ve fallen on some pretty rough times, as of late. Even disregarding the pandemic that’s currently raging across the world, trapping most of us in our homes, various nations have also seen states of political and civic unrest, environmental hazards, the rising threat of global warming, and the possible resurgence of a World War 3. Unfortunately, the constant influx of bad news from all over the world is enough to wear anyone down – and in times as trying as these ones, it can be important on occasion to indulge in something soft and fluffy.

The world of manga is a rich and diverse one; filled with all sorts of titles from all sorts of genres. Though mainstream society is likely more familiar with action-adventure names, like One Piece or Naruto, or even downright terrifying mangas, like literally anything written and drawn by Junji Ito, it tends to disregard it’s just-as important and cuter alternatives – that is, the ‘sweet and lighthearted’ genre. So if you’re sick of hearing bad news from all over the world and want something soft and fluffy to soothe your troubled nerves, here are 3 sweet and lighthearted manga that will warm anyone’s heart!

(…and the best thing? All of these manga are available to read for free online, so all you really need is a Time fibre package Malaysia connection like and you can read them!

1. Fushigi Neko no Kyuu-chan (‘The Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan’)

Possibly one of the cutest and fluffiest manga out there, Fushigi Neko no Kyuu-chan (or ‘The Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan’ in English) is a 4-koma manga done in tones of white and pink, and follows the life of the titular ‘Kyuu-chan’ as they shift from a street-cat to a domesticated one. Adopted by owner Hinata from a box in the snow-laden streets of Japan, Kyuu-chan is then given a name, a signature black bowtie, and henceforth begins a life of sweet and wholesome occurrences; such as eating meals in party hats with their owner, meeting people and other cats around town, and just generally being the cutest and happiest fictional cat alive!

Not to mention: all the panels of this manga are adorably rendered, and are even sometimes animated!

2. Gokushufudou (‘The Way of the Househusband’)

A manga as harshly-rendered as it is hilarious and heartwarming, Gokushufudou (or ‘The Way of the Househusband’) is a popular manga that follows the life of ex-yakuza member Tatsu in his new, domestic life as a househusband. Tatsu’s harsh, intimidating, and tattooed figure, further emphasized by his seemingly menacing delivery, is often sharply contrasted against his actual sweet and loving personality – one that attends Yoga classes and cooking classes with the local ladies, takes great care in cooking bentos and attending to household duties, and deeply loves and cares for his working wife Miku. Across the manga, Tatsu frequently has run-ins with people from his previous Yakuza life – and often dissolves seemingly violent confrontations in lighthearted and humorous ways, such as presenting someone with a rubber duck or knitting a sweater for his ex-yakuza boss’ dog.

Time fibre broadband Malaysia -in-all, Gokushufudou is an adorable and light-hearted look into the new life of a formidable ex-yakuza!

3. Tamen de Gushi (‘Their Story’)

A sweet story of high-school romance, Tamen de Gushi (‘Their Story’ in English) follows the lives of Qiu Tong and Sun Jing; two teenage girls from different high schools who meet and fall in love. When the tough and jokey Sun Jing bumps into the sweet and sunny Qiu Tong one day, she instantly falls in love with the latter’s smiling face; and works up the courage to slowly get to know her. Afterwards, we become embroiled in the two’s increasingly intertwined lives, as well as the lives of the friends around them, and watch them gradually fall in love. Tamen de Gushi, despite it’s overall comedic tone, is filled with dramatic moments as well as sweet ones; and will definitely see you rooting for Sun Jing in her romantic courting of Qiu Tong.

The world of manga is filled with amazing lighthearted mangas as well as dramatic and action-packed ones; which can definitely help lift anyone’s spirits from the doom and gloom of our current age. So the next time you feel particularly down-in-the-dumps after yet another day of relentless doomscrolling, you can take a look at these 3 manga for a sweet and fluffy story!